Dream File Cards background image by Sharon File
The Dream File Cards

Dream File Cards are designed and produced in Suffolk, UK.

Every design starts life as a sketchy hand-drawn image,
which is remixed digitally on screen before printing.

For more information please e-mail us!


Web site designed, produced and administered by Dream File. We are a small, two-person, cottage industry type set-up: Sharon File designs the papers, cards, stamps, motifs, templates, the website header and the look and feel of the website; Terry Burgess puts it all together and looks after the technical bits and pieces.

All Cards, Stamps, images of stamps, animations of stamps, stamp designs, stamp names, bow-tie designs and all other images on this web site are copyright of Dream File, The Dream File Cards and Sharon File. Any copying, printing, downloading and reproduction of any stamps, images of stamps, stamp designs or stamp animations, digital images and any other image found on this web site without payment and unless offered as free downloads is strictly prohibited. Please see copyright notice below ->

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