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Let me explain…

This website is a private and fan-based venture. All thoughts and opinions contained within Half Moon Bay are purely that; the thoughts and opinions of the Half Moon Bay team.

Any material copied from album sleeves, inner sleeves, free booklets, images of album sleeves, etc. have been copied without obtaining any necessary permission. A lot of information has been gleaned from Pete Frames Family Trees, both those published at the time and the subsequent sanitised version in the excellent book later published by Omnibus Press. In the old days I used to get the late, lamented Sounds everyweek, and an awful lot of stuff comes from my cuttings saved from those days; Bill Henderson in particular always managed to interview someone Mott-ish at a pertinent time. There is the odd Melardy Mawker feature, Creem piece, and so on.

It should be stressed that Half Moon Bay will not make one sausage out of all this, and that the aims of the magazine are to promote, if possible, the catalogue of Mott the Hoople. Where we have remembered and are able to do so, we have included a relevant note pointing to the origin of the material. The best interests of Mott the Hoople and all those connected with the band are intended at all times.

If anything is yours and upsets you or contravenes any contracts, etc., then please get in touch with us so that we can put it right (give you the credit for your work, or take it out).

I hope we haven't offended or upset anyone with this venture. As Sounds used to say, 'Music is the message'... But if we have then send your comments to the editorial team here at Half Moon Bay.

We try to update as often as possible, but this is spare time thing and is done on a purely as-and-when basis. Thanks for your time, patronage and e-mails.

Sounds masthead

Once upon a time…

First of all, I would like to say that when I started to produce these pages, there were only a few very minor mentions of Mott the Hoople on the WWW. That was back in November of 1995.

I started producing this page in response to a competition in Future Publishing's MacFormat magazine to design a web page. One of the conditions was that it should be unique subject web-wise, therefore Mott seemed a perfect choice as they were one of the few bands for whom I had kept press cuttings, etc.

The results of the competition were due to be announced in the Christmas 1995 issue of the magazine, but due to response the results were not made public until June 1996. This, of course, meant that I had to hold fire with posting Half Moon Bay until then. I needn't have bothered, as this entry didn't even get a mention in dispatches.

Now we see a plethora of Mott and related pages on the web, and heartening it is to see them too and know that the bands charisma is still working.



Angel Air Records

Angel Air have released myriad Mott the Hoople and related CDs from various sources. Some are for collectors only, some absolutely essential, some are life enriching, some are very entertaining. And the list grows.

Angel Air are now the UK label for Mott the Hoople and have re-released and re-packaged the bands' Island back-catalogue.


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