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Rock 'n' Roll Queen/Road to Birmingham
Island Records WIP6072. October 1969
Line-up 1

The A-side, a Mick Ralphs composition, is taken from their debut LP. It remained in their live set right up to the end. The b-side, an Ian Hunter number, makes appearances on two Island compilations; the rarely seen 'Two Miles From Heaven' - IRPS 8 and the more widely available 1990 CD 'Walkin With A Mountain' IMCD 87 (842 545-2)

Midnight Lady/The Debt
Island Records WIP6105. October 1971
Line-up 1

As Buffin tells us, this track earned the band a 'Top of the Pops' appearance, but following the screening sales ground to a halt. You can find it on the 1972 Island compilation 'Rock 'n' Roll Queen' ILPS 9215 or the 1990 CD 'Walkin With A Mountain' IMCD 87 (842 545-2).

Downtown/Home Is Where I Want To Be
Island Records WIP6112. December 1971
Line-up 1

Well, I don't know too much about this one, except that it was mentioned in interviews with Hunter. It wasn't on any of the albums or even the compilations, although it may be on 'Two Miles From Heaven' — IRPS 8. The b-side is a Mick Ralphs tune from the Mott The Hoople produced, and much disliked by the band, 'Wildlife'. It reveals Mick to be in a mellow, country frame of mind.

All The Young Dudes/One of The Boys
CBS Records CBS8271. 28th July 1972
Line-up 1

The single that finally did it for them, reaching number three in the UK at a time when its composer, David Bowie, was on the crest of a wave; he had 'Starman' in the charts at around the same time I seem to remember. Both cuts are from the CBS album 'All the Young Dudes'

Honaloochie Boogie/Rose
CBS Records CBS1530. 25th May 1973
Line-up 2

Well, this is the one that did it for me. I got hooked on this from its radio play, bought it and wore it out along with the b-side. Ian Hunter compositions both; "Honaloochie Boogie", deserving of number one status, found its way onto the 'Mott' lp, whereas 'Rose' appeared later in its live incarnation on the 1974 'Live' album. Reached number 12 in the UK top 20.

All The Way from Memphis/Ballad of Mott…
CBS Records CBS1764. 31st August 1973
Line-up 2

The a-side was a different edit from the one that appears on 'Mott' . Along with 'All The Young Dudes' this is seen by some as the bands theme tune and musical icon. It gave them their second top ten hit in the UK. The b-side is the same as that found on the album 'Mott', the tale of a band at the end of their days reflecting on what might have been. Classic Mott the Hoople, both. And "…Memphis" has become something of a rock 'n' roll classic with covers from such luminaries as Michael Schenker (with Contraband) and Brian May (includes a sample from Mott's 'Live' album, as well), great versions both.

Roll Away The Stone/Where Do You All Come From
CBS Records CBS1895. 9th November 1973
Line-up 2
and Line-up 3

Well, I guess that Pete Frame knows best, but I couldn't tell you which track was recorded by Mott #2 and which by Mott #3. The truth is probably that it is a mixing desk combination of the two (the new box-set and Devine biography will reveal all). 'Where Do You All Come From' was written by every member of Mott #2. It is a great track with a good bluesy feel to it. As far as I know, this is the only place it ever appeared. 'Roll Away The Stone', an Ian Hunter composition, is a different version from that which later appears on 'The Hoople'; the feel and mood of the recording is different to the later version and although the release date was three months after Ralphs' departure, you have to surmise that he is in there somewhere. Peaked at number 8 in the UK chart.

The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll/Rest In Peace
CBS Records CBS2177. 15th March 1974
Line-up 3

First track on 'The Hoople', a great single and classic Ian Hunter. At one point he refers to anti-noise campaigners at the Leeds Town Hall who wanted to keep bands below 96dB. It reached number 16 in the UK top 20. 'Rest In Peace' appears in this condition here only. A live version is found on the 'Live' album, showcasing the talents of "our new pianist Morgan Fisher…"

Foxy Foxy/Trudi's Song
CBS Records CBS2439. 7th June 1974
Line-up 3

I suspect that 'Foxy, Foxy' can be found on the CBS compilations that have appeared over the years, but originally a single only release that attained the dizzy heights of 33 in the UK chart and showed that Hunter could rip-off Spector if he wanted to. The b-side can be found on 'The Hoople' and was a tribute to Hunters lady.

Saturday Gigs press ad

Saturday Gigs/Medley: Jerkin' Crocus/Sucker/Violence
CBS Records CBS2754. 18th October 1974
Line-up 4
and Line-up 3

Intended as the final farewell — closes with the refrain and chant of "Goodbye…" The lyrics chart the bands story in typical Hunter style. The playing is as competent as ever and Mick Ronson contributes some good stuff. Climbed all the way to 41 in the UK chart, deserved to go at least forty places higher, but the radio stations were not interested in it, though John Peel gave it a good review in Sounds. The b-side is edits from the 'Live' album. I can remember seeing (young) people dance to this and then shake their heads in disbelief and amazement when they found out who it was.

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