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Welcome to a website dedicated to this — as it now turns out — quite influential bunch of disparate ramshackle rabblerousers from England and the great music that they put out between 1969 and 1974, Mott the Hoople

Island Albums

Original Island albums remastered, repackaged and re-released on Angel Air

As if that wasn't enough, Angel Air is the place for albums from British Lions, Medicine Head, Mott, Mott the Hoople live recordings and records from plenty of MTH family members and friends…

Mott the Hoople News!
The best place for all the news, dates, links and info on and from Mott the Hoople. More »

New Mott the Hoople Book!
Fantastic new, limited editoin, coffee table book We’ve Got A Great Future Behind Us. Full of photos, and memorabilia - a truly wonderful tribute to and record of our favourite band More »

Overend Watts Interview:
Huffington Post interview with Overend Watts, discussing his book The Man Who Hated Walking More »

Mott the Hoople at Friar's, Aylesbury.
A great website that features some fantastic Mott the Hoople moments; comments, memories, posters, photos and complete archive of the bands appearances at this legendary club. A MUST visit for you all. More »

Nigel Benjamin New Material
Frontman to Mott the Hoople successors Mott, Nigel Benjamin, has a host of new material available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud. More »


Reviews (better than those in Classic Rock mag!) and details of all new MTH, friends and relatives releases on Angel Air — the Mott the Hoople label — including those for Verden Allen, The Doc Thomas Group, The Silence, Mick Ralphs, Mott the Hoople, Steve Hyams, Mott, The British Lions, John Fiddler (and Medicine Head), Luther Grosvenor, Ray Majors and Morgan Fisher . The list grows.

Angel Air Records

For the absolutely latest and extremely hot Mott and related news then visit Just a Buzz, The Mott Archive or Mott the Hoople On-Line

Mott the Hoople Appreciation Society
Regular magazine with interviews, reports, news and reviews. Find out more and how to join here

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